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Steps For JV Blogger to Share their Google Blogger Blog or JV Blogger already have their own blog to Blog Post at JV.X10Tv Blog and Share it in YOUR BLOG…TOO…/

Steps FOR Joint Venture Members Scroll Down…to Start Reading and Follow the Information…

Advertise Here Page update 10/10/2023: Click Here / For YOUR SOLD PURCHASED Advertiser Post Click Here and Follow the Steps / Share JV BLOGGER DIRECTORY At YOUR BLOG or WEBSITE to Get BOOKMARK FREE Traffics…Example: Click Here…/ OR…Share x10tv Mini Blogs or Articles in your Blog…Here is the 2 example that How your Language Blog Directory is share at…Example 1 You Full Category Landing Page, Example 2 Your Category Page it can be your list, category page and your RSS Feed together…At your blog / Example that you can arrange them All 5 Example is at previous Class Click here to view

For JV Blogger Members Follow Steps…So You Can earn extra profit…From…If your sign up with…Click Here…to Reverse the Spot, because on the next class 25/09/2023, Your Task will be creating your advertiser ads offer, you be learning how to use the tracking ID, and Build Your own advertising services website with my template that you can use at…See Template…I Haven try it at Yet…

Example with Blogger Theme Essential Light / Example 1 Whole Blog / Example 2 Category / Example 3 Search Page

You can Get ALL THE MINI BLOGS LINK from these Few LinksArticles / Videos / You Also can add all the category on the landing page in you blog.

After you got all the preparations done, is time to post your Language All category Landing Page and your Niches Category at

(Please Do Not use the Following Code to Link Cloak Others Sites without Permission)

>>>Copy the Following HTML Code and Paste it at YOUR Blog or Website to SHARE IT<<<
>>>For Sharing the Whole Mini Blog or Content Just Replace "" with the URL that you want to Share / You Can Resize it till it Fit perfectly in your blog<<<

The Following html code with Scrolling if you want to scroll only in the same FULL Page post

<IFRAME src="" width=100% height=19750px;style='left:0px; top:0px; padding:0; margin:0;'></IFRAME>

The Following html code with NO Scrolling if with FULL Page post

<IFRAME SRC="" width=100% height=20000px marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling="no"></IFRAME>

OR…YOU CAN EMBED OUR PDF APP in you blog / Paste the HTML to embed in website: Example: Click Here

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe>

The Following Steps is FOR Joint Venture Members ONLY

Login to

Click on “Activate Position or Purchase Ad Credit(s)” and choose “Activate Member Level 1 Account Position” (YOUR LINK CLOAK Subdomain will be Ready in 72 Hours after you have Complete Level 1 and Auto Up Grade to Level 2 Account Position)>>> Subdomain Example <<<…more update coming next class…maybe we don’t even need a sub-domain…

But you can reserve the spot and start sharing YOUR Refer Link…””” Replace “yourname” with your username.

Do Your Post at…Which Bring You FREE Traffics to YOUR BLOG…

Before we use the WP Dashboard, lets learn the basic HTML Edited

Step 1: Create your Landing page at, Replace the URL with your language blog landing page and paste it in the HTML Edited, choose category Under “Language” and TAG the “Language” of YOUR BLOG…

<IFRAME src=”″ width=100% height=9750px;style=’left:0px; top:0px; padding:0; margin:0;’></IFRAME>

Step 2:Create Your Blog Category” Post your Blogger BlogSpot Blog Category, including other Authors Category that you share on your Blogger BlogSpot Blog, also free eBooks Category links and your Blogger BlogSpot Blog Lists page that contains your google AdSense code (For this post choose Category “JV Blogger Blog Update” and choose “YOUR Niches Category” …Please Do Not TAG This Post…

Category: JV Blogger Blog Update

Title: Category HOME Page Post By JV Blogger Eric Ten "use your own title"

---Replace All Code and Replace YOUR BLOG LATEST POST or category and the RSS FEED with the FOLLOWING CODE...Replace this URL "" with YOURS...And Paste the Whole Code at "YOUR Latest Post Blog RSS FEED HERE" Section...

[wp_rss_retriever url="" items="15" excerpt="100" read_more="true" dofollow="true" credits="false" new_window="true" thumbnail="false" cache="12 hours"]

====After Your Replace all the CODE Copy the Html Code Below and Paste it in the HTML editor below of this page====If You Want to POST YOUR BLOG Change Both "" to YOUR BLOG LATEST POST UPDATE or category URL LINK...

<!-- wp:shortcode -->
[wp_rss_retriever url="" items="15" excerpt="100" read_more="true" dofollow="true" credits="false" new_window="false" thumbnail="false" cache="12 hours"]
<!-- /wp:shortcode -->

<!-- wp:html -->
<IFRAME src='' width=100% height=19750px;style='left:0px; top:0px; padding:0; margin:0;'></IFRAME>
<!-- /wp:html -->

Just Sign in at the bottom of this page and Write Your Title, Include Your Post and the RSS FEED You are Sharing…and enter the URL Address link of the Blog Feed you are Sharing…Paste the POST of the HTML CODE You get from the HTML Edited provided below…

Your POST WILL BE ROTATE EVENLY on The search Category Post Page…Every 1 min one of the Niche Category Posts will be Rotate and updated as the latest post…Which means all your posts will be updated to the TOP LIST automatically…

Get Your Advertise Here Payment Page Ready…Example…coming 25/09/2023

For Your Payment Page: Copy the following code and post it under Category Advertise Here…

Title: X10tv Discount Ad Package Payment to JV Blogger Eric Ten

[adrotate banner="13"]
<p><center>COPY Discount CODE: CODE-ERIC-TEN</p></center>
<p><center>Your PAYPAL Merchant Code</p></center>
<p><h3 class="has-text-align-center">You Can Also Advertise Here with your banner ads at Banner Ads Service...<a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">Click Here For More Info</a>...</h3></p>

Advertise Here Page update: Click Here / For YOUR SOLD PURCHASED Advertiser Post Click Here and Follow the Steps

It’s Time to Promote YOUR BLOG…

Start Translating PDF eBooks and PLR Articles content to earn an extra profit on your blog and

If You Have Other Language eBooks or Articles that you have the right to share or give away, you are more than welcome to post them here…So we translate it and share it information with each other…

All articles and eBooks from difference languages have to be Translated to English with your original copy link to the POST at or Your Blog website…(Post under category eBooks Collection and tag your eBook with related category.) “If you have All eBooks on many difference Categories, with the same language choose Tag Language and you can post your whole blog in post…”

I will explain more about Achieving Goals

Always Check for Update Info Here at

It That Simple…? To Get Free Targeted Visitors…And Earn Extra Pocket Money…

Just Remember We are a PUBLISHER…We Are Advertiser BEST FRIEND…

Update Your Profile at Your Member Admin area Dashboard, if you have just Join Us…Please Only POST RSS FEED and Contents that are worth Sharing…Choose the Right Category for YOUR Feed ARTICLES…For Difference Language JUST CHOOSE the Category with the Sub-Language Category…
Require submitted post titles to be unique ( for preventing multiple/duplicate submitted posts)

Add New Category or Post Tag

If You can’t Find the Category or Sub-Language Category Language Post for Your Content, you can request for it at “Add New Category Like “Blogging French (Leave the category as UNCATEGORIZED) or Post Tag” Section…Main Category is for English Post ONLY, Please Use Sub-Language Category for difference Language and Category Tag Language is for All the Category Language of your blogger BlogSpot post…

Any Violation Account Will be Deleted…DON”T SET Featured image…

Thank You for Participating on Joint Venture Blogger Mega Cash Team Program

YOU CAN ALSO DO YOUR POST IN YOUR DASHBOARD “JUST CLICK LINK ON THE TOP LIFT” after you log in to this page…This give you more option to do YOUR POST…If you want to rearrange your post…

For Advertiser Post Replace Link with Advertiser Info…Advertiser Category or Full Landing Page Link “Replace:”

RSS Feed Link with Advertiser Tracking Link “Replace:”

The Lists Page that Advertiser Pick or that let you decide “Replace:”

Write an Attractive Title, Then Copy the Whole Following Code that you have replaced links on the HTML Editor, Category Under Advertiser Post, Tag it Category that related to Advertiser Post…Than Copy the Advertiser Post Link to the Text Ad Editor, Follow the instruction at JV Blogger Text Ads Activation member Area…Advertiser Post Example

<!-- wp:columns -->
<div class="wp-block-columns"><!-- wp:column {"width":"66.66%"} -->
<div class="wp-block-column" style="flex-basis:66.66%"><!-- wp:html -->
<p><center><iframe allow="autoplay" src="" height=5550px width=100%></iframe></center></p>

<!-- /wp:html --></div>
<!-- /wp:column -->

<!-- wp:column {"width":"33.33%"} -->
<div class="wp-block-column" style="flex-basis:33.33%"><!-- wp:html -->
[wp_rss_retriever url="" items="15" excerpt="100" read_more="true" dofollow="true" credits="false" new_window="true" thumbnail="false" cache="12 hours"]
<!-- /wp:html --></div>
<!-- /wp:column --></div>
<!-- /wp:columns -->

<!-- wp:html -->
<IFRAME SRC="" width=100% height=99000px marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling="no"></IFRAME>
<!-- /wp:html -->


NOTE: Unacceptable Content – prohibits Articles Post that contain the following content:

-Any pornographic, full nudity, body parts and vulgar material including animation or artificially censored nudity, all other tasteful adult content;
-Sexual enhancers including herbal supplements, devices, adult toys or products, contraceptive sites that encourage casual sex or suggest promiscuity.
-Prescription contraceptives are acceptable in the “None of the above” category, provided that they do not reference descriptive metaphors in a sexual context or in bedroom activity;
-Dating and find love related advertisements must be tasteful and not vulgar;
-Any material that offers illegal products or services;
-Promotion of violence, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization;
-Promotion of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills;
-Any unauthorized use of third party trademarks that either creates a likelihood of confusion that consumers will believe the products or services originated from the trademark owner or is likely to dilute the value of a known trademark;
-Promotion or any attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering;
-Promotion of excessive profanity or violence;
-Hosting or providing links for copyrighted MP3 audio files, video streams, clips, movies, games, applications, or any sound file you do not have the legal right to show, link to, or host.;
-Promotion of illegal activities that infringes on the rights of others;
-Promotion of gambling or online betting or lottery programs;
-Promotion of pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs and other “get rich quick” schemes;
-Promotion of proxy servers, any anonymizing software, VPN, TOR or anything related to proxies.

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